Climate Change and Transportation

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3 Responses to Climate Change and Transportation

  1. avatar Alicia says:

    Fiona, Very important and ongoing topic.

    You should include this table “This data table also shows the rank of the countries in the amount of carbon dioxide emissions, with their percentage of global total.”
    Also, I think you should connect your text with your images.
    In the paragraph starting with “However, the relationship”, what is the source of your data?
    Please expand on your last paragraph. You got me hooked with a great topic, so tell me more. You mention a ‘green’ way for transportation, but do not develop this idea. What are some proposed solutions to this problem. What do you think will work best?

    • avatar FionaFan says:

      Thanks Alicia for your great recommendations~! I will definitely work on it these days… The chart is so big, so I think I will just screenshot part of the chart that mentioned in my article.
      For the pictures, maybe I should add some pictures that are linked to my article… these pictures I found in the blog are actually for decoration…haha~

  2. avatar Michael says:

    Hi FionaFan
    This is a very interesting topic that you choose. I can see lots of cold hard fact from your blog post which is also interesting to know about. Personally, i think with all these good fact, instead of just telling the fact, but to expend your idea of connecting between climate change and transportation from reading and think through these fact would be really good to have. If telling more facts then thoughts is your style, you can ignore this.

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