The Future We Want

As researchers investigate the mysteries of Climate Change, world-leaders seek to debate and discuss the issue while attempting to control and reduce its effects towards the planet in conferences such as the Rio+20, held in June of this year. The United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development as it is formally known, has had its effectiveness questioned, as many leaders of the G20 and global organizations did not attend the 10-day summit, resulting in debates of whether the world is really is committed to sustainability.

The summit occurred in a discrete fashion. Parents and children were enlightened by the massive expo that went on in the streets around the conference, while committees held closed-door meetings, followed by brief statements to the press from the present delegations. As any other summit would go, it ended with a formal document regarding the outcome of the event, in this case, the document was entitled “The Future We Want”.

As someone who lived in Brazil at the time of the summit, I had the pleasure of knowing a few diplomats who attended it and was able to briefly talk to a few of them at the time. While I can’t precisely quote their remarks, I can say that they were satisfied with the outcome from a political point of view. It wasn’t until reading a recent remark by Janez Potocnik, the European Union  environment commissioner, that I decided to read the document for myself and was shocked by it.

This document is a mere agreement that the world must be aware of current environmental issues. It does not set any goals for the future, nor does it demonstrate a true effort by any of the participating delegations to work on the issue of sustainability. This document is properly titled “The Future We Want” and not “The Future We Are Willing to Work For” as it shows global concern over sustainability but does not show any measures that will be effective for our planet. There are no statistics in the text or any data that deals with sustainability, only an agreement that the world must focus on issues of sustainability. Well, I don’t think anyone needed a 49-page document to know that, what do you think? What is the future you want? Share your thoughts on how successful the Rio+20 conference was, or what you think we can do to make world-leaders more aware of environmental issues.

Post edited on October 16th, 2012

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  1. avatar Myra says:

    hey! did you write your post in a word document and then posted it? I’m having issues with this.

  2. avatar Brenda says:

    Filipe this is very well written! Your web links were well placed and they give the reader a chance to look at and interpret for themselves the information you are discussing. I have to say that the first few paragraphs felt like a newspaper article, but once you brought in your own experience it felt more like a blog.

    My favourite line: “The Future We Want” and not “The Future We Are Willing to Work For,” and the last few questions to make the reader think are a great touch. Great job 🙂

    P.S. I can go on all day answer those questions, so I won’t on here haha

  3. avatar Brenda says:


  4. avatar Jordana says:

    Hey Filipe
    To start, just wanted to say, I liked the inclusion of images, and I like how you just jumped straight into the issue. I think the length of this post is perfect because even lazy readers will be able to get through it and still absorb all the content that you are trying to get across. I like how you added personal touches, like adding your experiences from Brazil; very cool! I have to agree with Brenda, the line “This document is properly titled “The Future We Want” and not “The Future We Are Willing to Work For…” is very thought – provoking. I also like your writing style because it is very to-the-point and very persuasive. One tiny suggestion is just to fix the second paragraphs opening sentence. It is very abrupt, unless that is the effect you want to have. Very relevant post, I enjoyed it!
    – Jord

  5. avatar Daniel says:

    Paragraph 2 – I’m not sure enlightened is the word you’re looking for
    Last paragraph – the word play with the title works well.
    Fix the duplication of the word measure: “show any measures that will be effective on this measure”
    What kind of numerical information? Statistics might be a better word.
    What will happen without a plan of action?
    Do the world leaders care or did they attend to appease voters?
    Were they content with this document because they knew the majority wouldn’t read it?
    Work on expanding your last paragraph, and provide some of your own thoughts and insights on the events that transpired.

  6. avatar Filipe says:

    Wow, thank you all for the feedback. Anyone else feel free to also post your thoughts on the post as it is always appreciated.

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