How Africa Suffers From Climate Change

Climate Change is a global phenomenon affecting continents all over the world, we hear about how climate is changing and regions in North America and Europe are getting warmer. Africa is also suffering from climate change in a way that is much more severe than what most other countries are experiencing. Accelerated climate change is meant to have large impact across the African continent.  Climate change in Africa is been seen to be apocalyptical and disastrous which would add to the problems the continent is already facing. Africa exhibits large contrasts in its surface terrain and vegetation, which may be pivotal in moderating the global climate.
Regions like Africa discharge the least air pollution, although most people in Africa might suffer the most as a result of climate change. It also threatens the  standard of living and the source of income and food for people living in Africa. Farming is a source of income and livelihood for most people in Africa. Climate change could cause increase in temperature for most countries in Africa would be substantially larger than most other countries.                   These countries will suffer from reduced rainfall which would lead to reduce crop yields. This would not only reduce the income of most people, it would also lead to reduce food and water shortages. Poor water quality will intensify because of climate change and this could also increase the number of water borne diseases. This could limit the economic development options that most countries in the region face.
As a result of climate change droughts and famines are getting worse. Climate in Africa has always being known to be unstable and unpredictable, however, most of the change has led to  new dangerous extremes in African temperatures  which could have catastrophic effect for the African continent. Global warming in Africa will make the wet areas in Africa get wetter and the dry areas drier and this could lead a swarm of famines, drought, and floods.                       The higher temperatures and droughts could lead to severe wild fires in the region. Drought and floods could lead to scarcity of resources this could spark violence across the region and add to the regions previous problems of political instability. This will further increase the risk of war in the regions because as countries face scarcity of food and other resources they might want to attack other countries to secure additional resources.                               World Bank specialists estimated that approximately 7 million people migrated – driven by food scarcity – out of the 80 million semi-starving in sub-Saharan Africa due to environmental factors, this could only to be aggravated in the future. Climate change will make the problems in Africa gets worse, this is as most people in Africa lose their incomes which makes problems like poverty get worse and as food levels reduces starvation could rise. Floods could also lead to displacement in homes leading to a fall in the standard of living for most residents of the African Countinent.
Africa is poor and underdeveloped, but because of climate change the continent faces bigger and greater challenges. The average temperature could increase substantially. The region could have large amounts of flood; droughts in the region could also increase substantially. In addition to that, the region could suffer from increased poverty, increased starvation, and conflict. All this would increase instability in the region, which would make the region unbearable to live in. Africa will suffer the most from climate change, hence the western world need to act fast on climate change in order to reduce the effect it would have on Africa.

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  1. avatar Jordana says:

    Hey Tim
    I like how you took climate change to Africa. You are right, a lot of people overlook Africa when it comes to climate change! The content and research was thorough and well done, there were just slight grammatical errors occasionally (nothing that can’t be easily fixed 🙂 ). Your use of links was very good, and backed up everything you were saying! Keep it up!
    – Jord

  2. avatar Sean says:

    The most under-represented topic within the climate crisis. Those who pollute the least, suffer the greatest. Something that is often overlooked in our discussions up here in the global north. Excellent post. Although, I’d like to hear some solutions, or some possible ones. What should the “western world act on”? What action could “we” do, that would directly and positively impact the African continent?

  3. avatar Daniel says:

    I see a few typos – use spell check
    Some pasttence/prsesentence issues
    “Farming is a source of income and livelihood for most people in Africa” – period or semicolon
    Be consistent with adding 1 line or 2 lines after each paragraph
    Repetition of the word “reduce”
    “his could also increase the number of water borne diseases and reduce the yield of crops” – reference/cite?
    What should Africa do to prevent these issues?
    “Regions like Africa discharge the least air pollution, although most people in Africa might suffer the most as a result of climate change.” – I really like this line. You might want to repeat it near the end in different words. Very convincing!
    Consider moving the picture at the beginning to somewhere inside the article.
    I would suggest taking this to the rhetoric department just to fix up some of the minor grammar issues. The context is very good.

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