Eco-city in China: City of the Future?

I think this is a better idea than geo-engineering.

More pictures here!

More about Tianjin Eco-city

It’s on Wikipedia too!

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4 Responses to Eco-city in China: City of the Future?

  1. avatar Julian says:

    This is pretty interesting, do you know if China is the only country developing these cities?

  2. avatar Fiona says:

    I know a lot of European countries have been planning to develop an eco-city, but I think China is the only country right now that is building it.

  3. avatar FionaFan says:

    Oh really? This is brilliant! I’ve never heard of this! But just 8 years, we can wait and see what’s going on in Tianjin. But is this city going to be built in the suburb or the central city?

  4. avatar Stephenny says:

    I think more cities like this need to be built a lot sooner to actually make an impact. This is a very interesting video! thanks for posting it!

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