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Canada’s Climate Change Report Card

How does Canada measure up on climate change? We are of course an economically developed country, and what with all our snow, our beavers and our wilderness one would think we’re doing pretty good, right? Wrong. Maybe there are a … Continue reading

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Ozone Layer Depletion

Ozone layer takes a role to prevent ultraviolet rays, which protects humans from being excessively exposed to the sun. It is also essential to realize that every living thing on the earth relies on the solar energy to continue with … Continue reading

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Carbon Footprinting Climate Change

Climate change is a very important topic that should be observed greatly and taken seriously. Why you may ask? I will tell you why. If people don’t start paying more attention to the damage that they are causing the environment, … Continue reading

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Climate Change and Health (revised)

Global warming is a fairly recent phenomenon that affects us all.  Due to the rising population of the planet, humans are producing an increasing amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) which in turn is emitted into the atmosphere creating the greenhouse … Continue reading

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Greening the City

I’ve had this idea for a couple years now that it would be necessary for any building over a certain amount of stories to have a roof top garden to help clean the air hopefully reducing the amount of smog … Continue reading

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Climate Change Advertising – Effective?

“One idea can change the world.” ( What’s the first thing you see in this work of art? The green scheme perhaps? The text and the message? It’s clearly promoting the awareness of global warming and the green colour scheme … Continue reading

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What Can We Learn About Climate Change From South Park?

In class there was recently a poll held in which we were asked about our opinions on climate change. One of the options was “Other” (I hope I’m remembering this correctly; for the sake of the article I’ll use this). … Continue reading

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Is Canada a hypocrite?

I was recently reading an online blog titled, “Canada’s Hypocritical Role on Climate Change”, which outlined reasons for why the Kyoto Protocol was an impossible endeavour for Canada and suggested solutions for the future. Criticism of Canada’s role on this … Continue reading

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Simple Definition Review: Climate vs. Weather

In a chaotic system, one can distinguish the parameters of predicted outcomes, but cannot predict what will happen within these parameters. This introduces the concepts of weather and climate. Climate refers to the long-term, generalized conditions expected in a large … Continue reading

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Open Thread to Discuss the Course

Feel free to use the comments for this post to share your thoughts about the course so far. What do you like, what don’t you like? What ought we to do differently? There was some interesting discussion from some of … Continue reading

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