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Cool Discovery

Just thought it would be cool for you to know. I just finished searching “Climate Models + Society” to find information for my essay, and the course website was the 5th result Google came up with.

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Toronto’s Face-lift

Mayor Rob Ford has a plan to transform downtown Toronto by 2050. Which includes re-designing the waterfront and introducing Eco-friendly buildings with green roofs and solar panels. Are you excited? For many of us we will be in our 70s before … Continue reading

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Melting Glaciers and Marine Life – Updated

70% of the earth’s surface is covered by water and about 10% of that is ice. 90% of the total ice mass is the polar ice caps and glaciers. Since the formation of the earth there has always been a … Continue reading

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Greening the City

I’ve had this idea for a couple years now that it would be necessary for any building over a certain amount of stories to have a roof top garden to help clean the air hopefully reducing the amount of smog … Continue reading

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