The Last Polar Bear

Polar Bears depend on the Arctic's sea ice.

Although throughout Earth’s history the climate has always fluctuated, with wildlife and ecosystems coming and going, rapid climate change is increasing the ability for these species to disappear completely!

When the climate changes, animals are forced to move out of their natural habitats that they are normally accustomed to. What Global Warming may do to humans it will also do to wildlife, although, humans have a higher capability to adapt to change but unfortunately, animals do not. When the atmosphere changes to quickly, the possibility of extinction arises, for example, when the rain forest dries up or cool mountains in tropical zones heat up. Robert Colwell, an evolutionary biologist at the University of Connecticut, explained that as temperatures change and organisms relocate to areas they are accustomed to, their population does not get replaced. U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change estimated that if global temperatures rise only 3-4 degrees above what is it now, up to one third of species on Earth could be at risk for extinction.

Lets look at an animal whose extinction is strongly linked to global warming.  According to National Geographic News,two thirds of the world’s polar bears could disappear by 2050 if global warming continues to melt the Arctic’s sea ice.  Polar bears depend on sea ice, which makes them vulnerable to warming temperatures.  Every summer, when the sea ice melts in Northern Canada, the polar bears come onto land where they hunt insufficient food until the sea ice refreezes in the fall.  These will be the first polar bears to die off as the sea ice melts sooner and sooner each summer.  There are not enough fatty foods that will allow these animals to last until the ice freezes again.  The polar bear is not the only endangered animal linked to global warming, to say the least. The list continues and extends over time as this climate issue worsens.

In order to prevent this global warming issue, action is indeed needed. This is evidently easier said than done, but it must start with the individual. First, look into what that causes of global warming are. One of the most common is the burning of fossil fuels. This increases the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, and carbon dioxide is a major contributor to the greenhouse effect and global warming. Do your part to reduce waste and get into the habit of recycling. Recycling helps save the amount of carbon dioxide getting released into the air.  There are also other small things that can be done to help reduce the release of carbon dioxide such as using less heat and air conditioning, changing to energy efficient light bulbs, doing less driving and planting trees. The list continues.

One suggestion I would make before getting started is checking out the link below. This will be a fun way inform yourself with the effects and causes of global warming. Spread the news to friends and take action. No one wants to be the last man standing.
Global Warming Facts, Information, Questions: Quiz

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3 Responses to The Last Polar Bear

  1. avatar Shaida says:

    I agree with you completely. Although climate change has occurred in the past, the exponential growth of earth;s temperature today is unacceptable and it is because of our lavish lifestyle. We have to change the way we live before we completely destroy the Earth.

  2. avatar Alicia says:

    You do a great job of capuring your readers attention in the introduction, but your posts seems to end abruptly. I would suggest building from the second last paragraph to connect it better with the last paragraph.
    Expand on your statement, “Everyone knows that extinction of animals and species effect the life cycle of human beings…” it seems to be abrupt.
    Also, which link did you intend to direct the reader to in “The link below may be a fun way to get started. No one wants to be the last man standing.”?
    Great ideas, maybe just flush them out some more.

  3. avatar chrisdirocco says:

    Thanks for the feedback, it will help greatly when revising my post. I posted a link in a separate blogpost, which would be below this one. I guess I will have to make it clear that the link is in a separate blogpost. Or I might even include it in this one.
    Thanks again! 🙂

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