Discussion #7: Hurricane

          The hurricane forms exactly in the Atmosphere and it is the cause, because water vapor in the clouds forms the hurricane. The temperature of water is needed to cause the hurricane and it has a close relationship with the ocean current. A hurricane is formed in a particular layer in the Atmosphere called, Troposphere. Troposphere is where we live and the air becomes thinner as the gas decreases with height in this layer. Thus, the temperature decreases with the height also. Basically, all weather condition occurs in Troposphere. In Hydrosphere, the hurricane receives a source of energy. It is a result compared to the cause=Atmosphere since the hurricane receives a source of energy in Hydrosphere. 

          An example is given when Hurricane Katrina occurred on August, 28th, 2005 and it occurred in the Southern Coast of the United States. It involved an extremely large hurricane and a numerous victims. The hurricane hit the United States, which left more than 1, 8000 who lost their lives and there were more than $81 billion dollars in damages.

There were two reasons why Hurricane Katrina happened:

1. Due to the global warming

2. Hurricane occurs from a sea of latitude 5~25 degrees, if temperature of the surface of the sea reaches more than 27 degrees.

          We will be aware of the solution to prevent Hurricane if we know its major source of energy. It is recognized as the latent heat, which is a kind of heat formed when the water vapor turns into the water. The water vapor comes from the sea when it receives heat, but if water vapor becomes water again, the heat will be released after all. This released heat is known as the major source of energy that could form the hurricane. The sea becomes to be the place where it supplies the major energy to the hurricane. I think it is difficult to find a way to prevent the hurricane being formed in a sea. However, if the source of energy keeps close to a continent, we can turn its way to somewhere else to prevent the hurricane. We can do so by pouring huge amount of dry ice into the hurricane, because it will eventually make the heat to move away. The reason why I suggest the dry ice is because the temperature of the dry ice is -70~-80 degrees; it can absorb the heat while it decreases the temperature of surroundings. Thus, it acts as a catcher that takes up latent heat (major source of energy). Nevertheless, we cannot do anything about the damage that occurs from the carbon dioxide. Basically, any object that can absorb the heat will solve the problem. However, the average of the wind velocity for hurricane is 17m/s, which can be converted into 61.2km/h. The speed of the wind per hour blows from 61km while we need to approach to the hurricane and pour something in. The problem is that there is no adequate airplane that can endure the circumstance and at least some tons of the object or the dry ice are needed to throw down, but then we should consider financial issues at the same time. In my opinion, it is barely possible to prevent natural disasters without any damage unless we protect the environment or the nature to reduce the amount of natural disasters.

Do you guys think there any other solutions to the Hurricane?

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