Here’s some events related to climate modeling and software/informatics that look interesting for the rest of this year. I won’t be able to make it to all of them (I’m trying to cut down on travel, for various reasons), but they all look tempting:

And then of course, in December, it’s the AGU Fall Meeting. Abstracts are due tomorrow, so we’ll be busy for the next 24 hours. Here’s a selection of conference tracks that look fascinating to me. In the Union sessions there some tracks that look at the big picture:

In the Education sessions, they’ve introduced a whole set of tracks on climate literacy:

And of course, many sessions on climate modeling and climate data in the Global Environmental Change sessions. I’ll go to many of these, but the following are ones I’ve especially enjoyed in previous years:

Of course, the Informatics sessions are where all the action is. I’m glad to there’s a track on Software Engineering Challenges again this year, and there are some interesting sessions on visualization, decision support, open source and data quality (among my pet themes!):

Finally, a couple of session in the Public Affairs division look interesting:

Phew. Look’s like it’ll be a busy week.

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