A few more late additions to my posts last month on climate science resources for kids:

  • NASA’s Climate Kids is a lively set of tools for younger kids, with games, videos (the ‘Climate Tales’ videos are wonderfully offbeat), and even information on future careers to help the planet.
  • Climate4Classrooms, put together by the British Council, includes a set of learning modules for kids ages 11+. Looks like a very nice set of resources.
  • And my kids came back from a school book fair last week with the DK Eyewitness book Climate Change, which is easily the best kids book I’ve seen yet (we have several other books in this series, and they’re all excellent). It’s a visual feast with photos and graphics, but it doesn’t skimp on the science, nor the policy implications, nor the available clean energy technologies – in fact it seems to cover everything! The parts that caught my eye (and are done very well) include a page on climate models, and a page entitled “What scares the scientists”, on climate tipping points.

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