I’ve just been browsing the sessions for the AGU Fall Meeting, to be held in San Francisco in December. Abstracts are due by September 3. The following sessions caught my attention:

Plus some sessions that sound generally interesting:


  1. Has anyone calculated/estimated the carbon impact of the AGU?

  2. I refer you to my previous answer: http://www.easterbrook.ca/steve/?p=129 (“Distracted by the footprints”). Although I will admit that in the specific case of international climate change meetings, a more robust answer is needed…

  3. Steve I hope some of the sessions about online stuff help to create a more civil online environment(s) where climate discussions can be more respectful and cover more of the controversial topics than they tend to at either RealClimate or ClimateAudit – the two powerhouse blogs discussing climate issues in a technical way.

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