Introducing me, Jon!

I thought I’d create a quick blog post introducing myself to you all.  My name is Jon Pipitone (you’ll see me as jp on this blog), and I’ll be your TA for the course which I’m really excited about.  I’m a graduate student here at U of T in the Department of Computer Science and Steve is my advisor.   I’m taking two courses this semester: Building Community Resilience, and Climate Change Informatics.  The rest of my school time is spent toiling away in the dungeons of Software Engineering lab figuring out new and exciting ways of applying computer science research to the issue of climate change (here’s a link to my research blog which badly needs an update).  I also spend a heck of a lot of time volunteering with Hot Yam!, and trying to make vegetables grow in unexpected places around campus.

Edit: Oh yes, and if you’d like to send me email, you can do so at: jp at cs dot utoronto dot ca.

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