How do I get the blog thing on its own screen? Currently, I’m typing it from the dashboard and I’m confused. Somebody help please lol!

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  1. avatar jp says:

    Hi Amy,

    If I understand correctly, I think you’re saying that you’re writing up your post in the little window on the dashboard titled “QuickPress”. To get to the full editor for a post, look on the left-hand side of the dashboard for the menu item titled “Posts”. If you click it, the page should reload showing all of the recent posts and any drafts you’ve written. Now when you look underneath the “Posts” menu item you should see a link titled “Add new” (you’ll also see a little “Add new” button by the title of the page). Click either of those and you’ll get to the full editor for a new posts.

    Try that and post a comment letting us know how it goes!

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