Renewable energy

Due to excessive consumption of energy, we have caused the global warming, and it seems like we have to either reduce our energy consumption or replace fossil fuel with renewable energy to prevent the global warming. But I don’t think many people are willingness to change their life to reduce carbon dioxide emission. So I researched about the renewable energy, and I was surprised that there are so many studies and researches going on.

You are probably familiar with hydroelectric power, wind energy and solar thermal energy. Hydroelectric power is the largest source of renewable energy in the world. In fact, Canada is the second largest producer in the world, and 11% of Canada primary energy supply is hydroelectric power. Also, biomass, geothermal energy, wind energy and solar thermal energy are major source of renewable energy.  (We can even use chicken feathers as biodiesel fuel!)

One of the renewable energy that interested me was getting biofuel from the world’s garbage. I really like the idea since there is plenty of garbage and dumping the garbage or burning cause problems such as disease and pollutions. Global Change Biology claims that the biofuel from garbage could cut global carbon emissions by 80%. If this can happen, I guess problem is solved J

Nonetheless, our energy consumption still depends on the fossil fuel, and it will take time to develop renewable energy to replace the fossil fuels.  I think to foster the development, we should be more interested and try to take action instead of just waiting for scientists to find a way to solve the problems.

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