Discussion #4: Japan Tragedy

Seeing tragedy in Japan, what did you guys think of this disaster? I found an interesting article from today’s newspaper and I just wanted to share this with you guys! The article points out that establishing nuclear power plants are on hold within some of the countries due to the disaster in Japan. Nuclear power is one of the alternatives available for alleviating the risk of global climate change. However, it is widely known that nuclear plant explosion have negative health effects. Once humans are exposed to the radiation, it will eventually increase the rate of birth defects as well as cancer. In my opinion, it is the man who destroys humanity since we’re the ones who started to create nuclear power plant for our own convenience. Before mankind would destroy itself, realistic solutions must be provided in order to protect the earth from further destruction.

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4 Responses to Discussion #4: Japan Tragedy

  1. avatar Sarah says:


    Ya I heard about the Toronto government holding off on building a new power plant because of the disaster in Japan, there is a lot of concern about the location of the new plants and there are many new inspections that need to be made now.

  2. avatar Steve says:

    The dept of Nuclear Science and Engineering at MIT has a great blog with detailed explanation of what’s happening at the Fukushima nuclear plant. Here’s a great overview:
    and an update from yesterday:

  3. avatar Adelina says:

    I’ve heard that China also delayed the approval of a nuclear plant. I think the politicians should take a large responsibility to this nuclear disaster. Japan has refused US help early to cool the nuclear plants.


    Japan actually has more nuclear plant than they need and people on the internet are GUESSING this may related to the atomic weapons.


  4. avatar Nicole says:

    I guess it really warned people since China delayed the approval of nuclear plant, but I wonder how long it will last…. people have experienced Chernobyl disaster, and we learned that how dangerous nuclear plant can be, but we are experiencing another tragedy in Japan.

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