Discussion#1: How do you use the resources of the environment?

Hello, guys! In order to deal with global warming, I think we need to consider how we use the resources of the environment day by day! So I just wanted to have a discussion on this topic..:)

Let’s check around our houses and¬†consider the sources of contaminants and toxins that could affect us. Which do you use regularly? What are the warnings and cautions that you should be concerned about?

Well, here is my anwer to these questions!

First off, I think use of computer will affect me, because it consists of a huge amount of electromagnetic wave. I regularly use a computer and a television and I should be aware of my health since it can pose a danger. Moreover, whenever I do not turn off the lights before leaving my room, it would also have a huge impact on the environment. I should also be concerned about the garbage can in the kitchen and the washroom, because our family is not used to recycling. Thus, I will now be aware of all the sources of contaminants and toxins that can affect me around my house and start taking an action to reduce these.

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2 Responses to Discussion#1: How do you use the resources of the environment?

  1. avatar Tony says:

    Yes, I couldn’t agree more with you. It’s true that we must be aware of our natural surroundings to understand how we as humans are contributing to global warming. But even after taking into account all these considerations, its funny how we simply cannot quit using the things we do because of our lust for satisfaction.

  2. avatar Sarah says:

    My goodness, I agree. Especially about the computer. My mom is a computer trainer so we have at least 5 computers on in our house everyday… And to make matters worse, my brother never, ever turns his computer off at night. It drives me nuts.
    The other big thing in my house is that we have a hot tub in our backyard and when we keep the heater turned on for too long it really affects the amount of energy we use.

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