Toronto’s Face-lift

Mayor Rob Ford has a plan to transform downtown Toronto by 2050. Which includes re-designing the waterfront and introducing Eco-friendly buildings with green roofs and solar panels. Are you excited? For many of us we will be in our 70s before we get to see this grand new Toronto.

But is all this construction and re-building harming or helping? In the view of Toronto as a tourist destination and the most recognized Canadian city in the country it will give us a great pride and more people will travel to Toronto increasing the economy. On the other hand however is 50 years of construction and refurbishing even if it is introducing Eco-buildings worth it? How much is this harming the environment? Should something be done to change these construction plans to making the buildings that we already have more environmentally friendly?

The city says that with this face-lift, the plan is to reduce Toronto emissions 80% by 2050. What are your thoughts on this subject? Do you think this is a good thing? Are you worried that the suggested results are far off? Should we put this money to windmill farms? Or more public transit to cut down on the amount of cars in Toronto. What do you want to see from Toronto in the next 50 years?

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One Response to Toronto’s Face-lift

  1. avatar Kalki says:

    I would love to see a ‘greener’ Toronto, but it’s the money that I can see concerning people. It definitely sounds like an expensive municipal undertaking.

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