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Today Nathalie and I did our presentation on the Kyoto Protocol, focussing on David Suzuki’s criticism of the Conservative Government’s alleged disinterest in addressing fossil fuel emissions.

If you would like to see the interview we discussed concerning David Suzuki’s thoughts on Canadian emission policy, click here.

Something we did not have time to share with the class was Stephen Harper’s personal opinion on fossil fuel emissions and the Kyoto Protocol itself.  My research for the presentation brought me to a webpage by the Canadian Climate Action Network, consisting of numerous quotes by the Prime Minister himself, expressing his dislike for the Kyoto Protocol call and overall skepticism of Carbon dioxide pollution.

I encourage you all to read through these quotes! We have double and triple checked them right down to their primary sources and they appear to be accurate.
See the Stephen Harper quotes here!

Personally, I find these quotes to be incredibly appalling and embarrassing!  As someone who is interested in political prioritization of climate change, words such as this coming from our current Prime Minister is way less than encouraging.

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  1. avatar Stephenny says:

    Thanks for the quotes they were seriously mind blowing, I can’t believe Stephen Harper actually said them. Very interesting.

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