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Okay, so it’s a few years old, but I’d never seen this series of videos by National Geographic before. I’m not convinced you can slice the impacts into 1 degree increments with any reliability, but this series does a nice job of getting the big picture across (much better than Lynas’ book, which I found to be too lacking in narrative structure):

What’s uncanny is how much of what’s presented in the 1 degree video is already happening now.


  1. This is a nice imagination, but i doubt civilization could be sustained with even 3+.

    Even today with under 1 Degree, we see nations around the globe, collapse. Because of food prices or problems tied to climate change.

    There are implications which have not been discussed previously.

    Connecting the Dots: Climate Change drives Earthquake / Seismic activity

    And here Pedology – Erosion & Weathering during the PETM

  2. Yep… Mark Lynas wrote “Six Degrees: Our Future on a Hotter Planet” – reviewed and blessed by RealClimate.

    A few years ago I made a composite chart with the six degrees summaries and the IPCC chart – it is not video but shows the conclusions on one page. http://localsteps.org/howbad.html

    Now I read that 2 degrees is inevitable and 3 or 4 is quite possible – and 5 or 6 cannot be ruled out.

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