Over the past month, we’ve welcomed a number of new researchers to the lab. It’s about time I introduced them properly:

  • Kaitlin Alexander is with us for the summer on a Centre for Global Change Science (CGCS) undergraduate internship. She’s doing her undergrad at the University of Manitoba in applied math, and is well know to many of us already through her blog, ClimateSight. Kaitlin will be studying the software architecture of climate models, and she’s already written a few blog posts about her progress.
  • Trista Mueller is working in the lab for the summer as a part-time undergrad intern – she’s a computer science major at U of T, and a regular volunteer at Hot Yam. Trista is developing a number of case studies for our Inflo open calculator, and helping to shake out a few bugs in the process.
  • Elizabeth Patitsas joins us from UBC, where she just graduated with a BSc honours degree in Integrated Science – she’s working as a research assistant over the summer and will be enrolling in grad school here in September. Elizabeth has been studying how we teach (or fail to teach) key computer science skills, both to computer science students, and to other groups, such as physical scientists. Over the summer, she’ll be developing a research project to identify which CS skills are most needed by scientists, with the eventual goal of building and evaluating a curriculum based on her findings.
  • Fabio da Silva is a professor of computer science at the Federal University of Pernambuco (UFPE)┬áin Brazil, and is joining us this month for a one year sabbatical. Fabio works in empirical software engineering and will be exploring how software teams coordinate their work, in particular the role of self-organizing teams.

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