Take a look at this recent poll from Nanos on priorities for the upcoming G8/G20 meetings. Canadians ranked Global Warming and Economic Recovery as the top two priorities for the meetings, but note that global warming beats economic recovery for the top response across nearly all categories of Canadians (with the exception of the old fogeys, in the 50+ age group, and westerners, who I guess are busy getting rich from the oil sands). Overall, 33.7% of Canadians ranked Global Warming as the top priority, while 27.2% named Economic Recovery.

There’s some other interesting results in the poll. In the breakdown by party voting preferences, the Block Quebecois and the NDP seem much more worried about Global Warming than Green Party supporters: 59.3% of BQ voters and 41.5% of NDP voters ranked it first, while only 33.8% of Green Party voters did. So much for the myth that the green party is a single issue party, eh?

Oh, and if you look at the results to the later questions, Global warming is clearly the issue on which Canada is perceived to be doing most badly in terms of Canada’s place in the world.

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