Busy few days coming up in Toronto, around the celebration of Earth day tomorrow:

  • tonight, the Green Party is hosting an evening with Gwynne Dyer and Elizabeth May entitled “Finding Hope: Confronting Climate Wars“. Gwynne is, of course, the author of the excellent book Climate Wars, also available as a series of podcasts from the CBC;
  • tomorrow (April 22) the Centre for Environment has its Research Day, showcasing some of the research of the centre;
  • all week, the Centre for Global Change science is hosting Ray Pierrehumbert giving a lecture series “New Worlds, New Climates“. Tomorrow’s (April 22) looks particularly interesting: “Climate Ethics, Climate Justice”;
  • next Tuesday (April 27), the Centre for Ethics is running a public issues forum on “Climate Change and the Ethics of Responsibility“;

I won’t make it to all of these, but will blog those that I do make. Seems like ethics of climate change is a theme, which I think is very timely.

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