…is a section heading on page 23 of this new report, “Psychology and Global Climate Change: Addressing a Multi-faceted Phenomenon and Set of Challenges” from the APA on how the field of psychology can contribute to the climate crisis. It’s a very good report, covering many of the core issues in the psychology of climate change, and laying out a research agenda for the field. Let me just quote the final paragraph of the report:

“a psychological perspective is crucial to understanding the probable effects of climate change, to reducing the human drivers of climate change, and to enabling effective social adaptation.  By summarizing the relevant psychological research, we hope not only to enhance recognition of the important role of psychology by both psychologists and non-psychologists, but also to encourage psychologists to be more aware of the relevance of global climate change to our professional interests and enable them to make more of the contributions the discipline can offer.”

Or, if you’re short of time, just read the press release.

Now, where’s the equivalent task force for the computer science community?

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  1. …although the [gist of the] path-of-least-resistance statement for the corresponding CS statement would be “the models aint no good but we can fix that”
    …which is misleading and would feed the anti-science bloc.

    IMO the way forward would be to point out that the models’ forecasts of *local/regional* impacts aren’t good enough…

    p.s. thank you Steve for your efforts. I don’t know how aware your sons are yet, but they are going to be *mighty* proud of you.

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