I’ve been tasked with identifying people and initiatives across campus that are involved in Digital Media and Climate Change/Environment. It’s part of a push by the University for greater funding for digital media research. And as everyone seems to interpret the term digital media differently, I’m going to give it the broadest possible interpretation: if it involves doing things with computers (either as a primary research tool or as an object of study), it counts as digital media. Here’s my list of faculty across the University who are doing relevant research. Feel free to suggest more people, or to rearrange my categories…

Understanding Climate Change through Earth Systems Modeling

Impacts of Climate Change and Adaptation

Earth Systems Management (as in: how we manage forests, water supplies, land use, etc)

Sustainable design and energy management (e.g. architectural design, urban planning, etc)

Sustainable Transportation Systems

Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and Environmental Informatics

Policy and Decision Making


  1. Hi Steve,

    My group is doing some related work. We’re interested in the human factors of energy consumption decisions. Specifically, in how graphical displays of data can be used to encourage better decisions. We have one collaboration with Beth Savan and Ingrid Stefanovic, whom I see on your list. I’ve also had a chat with Eric Miller in the context of his Tower Renewal research.

    Bryan Karney should fit into your list somewhere.


  2. Greg – thanks! I’ve added you and Bryan (hopefully in a sensible place). Will be in touch soon…

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