Okay, I finally got some of the webstreaming working (I needed an updated plugin). I managed to watch some of the medal award lectures after the fact from the EGU webstream page. Turns out the medal award lectures are not so interesting (although Leonard Bengtsson’s lecture on extra-tropical cyclones is worth it for his observations about the current state of the art in modeling cyclones).

However, the press conferences are far more interesting:

  • The press conference on uncertainties in climate change is definitely worth it to hear scientists separate what we know from what we don’t know, along with a basic introduction to the principles of climate modeling. Make sure you watch at least until the “wheel of fortune” bit (about halfway through). Bottom line: quantifying uncertainty is crucial. Over dinner this evening we were wishing that other fields (e.g. economics) would be anywhere near this willing to quantify their uncertainties…
  • The press conference on improving outreach and education in the cryosphere is great for lots of facts and figures about the frightening rate at which glaciers and sea ice are melting, and the wide ranging implications (it’s a little slow to get going, but worth it once the panelists start).
  • The press conference on ocean acidification packs a powerful punch. It starts with the screening of a film about how absorption of CO2 by the oceans leads to dramatic change, told from the perspective of how it will affect the generation of kids growing up today.

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