1. Good luck with your blog, steve. i found you via realclimate from my base in far away Taiwan. Saw photo on your website of you and your child, sweet. Nice. This is for him! read it and tell me your pov and if time and space, blog on this idea of mine, pro or con….DANNY

    I wrote a virtual graduation speech to the class of 2099, for use NOW as a PR wake up call tool, for those who still need waking up, NOT ANYONE HERE OF COURSE,


    and DeSmogBlog was kind enough to blog on the speech and take a look here: Reax from top people in the field ranged from “It’s prophetic, I fear” … to….

    “We will know by 2030 whether this boat heads in the right direction or not. If no one is decreasing fossil fuels by then, its an automatic ride with the tipping points gaining momentum.”

    “That’s an excellent commencement speech — better than almost all the ones i’ve ever heard”… — said a well-known environmentalist and climate activist, author and speaker

    When asked what comment or message he would like to give to students graduating today, 2009 or in future years, 2010, 2011 and 2012, etc, Dr Jesse Ausubel, quoted in the speech, in a very central part of the speech, said: “My message is this: ‘The Earth should stop smoking’ just as individuals
    should stop smoking tobacco. All this combustion of carbon is
    bad for planetary health of our planet Earth.”

    A noted climate research and climate modeller, tops in his field, told me in a private email: “Danny, you asked for my reaction to that imaginary speech? Prophetic, I fear….”

  2. Personally, I feel that the benefits far outweigh the costs.

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