Next month, I’ll be attending the European Geosciences Union’s General Assembly, in Austria. It will be my first trip to a major geosciences conference, and I’m looking forward to rubbing shoulders with thousands of geoscientists.

My colleague, Tim, will be presenting a poster in the Climate Prediction: Models, Diagnostics, and Uncertainty Analysis session on the Thursday, and I’ll be presenting a talk on the last day in the session on Earth System Modeling: Strategies and Software. My talk is entitled Are Earth System model software engineering practices fit for purpose? A case study.

While I’m there, I’ll also be taking in the Ensembles workshop that Tim is organising, and attending some parts of the Seamless Assessment session, to catch up with more colleagues from the Hadley Centre. Sometime soon I’ll write a blog post on what ensembles and seamless assessment are all about (for now, it will just have to sound mysterious…)

The rest of the time, I plan to talk to as many climate modellers as a I can from other centres, as part of my quest for comparison studies for the one we did at the Hadley Centre.

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