First drafts

I’m currently working on the comments for the drafts and should be done in about 2 hours. A general note – trying to provide editing (grammar, sentence structure etc) through a┬áseparate┬ápost is a bit difficult. I might ask you all to print the draft of the next assignment if you want those types of comments in the future. If anything I wrote is confusing (and it might be), either post a reply, or ask me on Tuesday.

I tried to give some suggestions of additional content you may want to include or questions to think about. Consider it, but don’t feel obligated to include it. Also note that there will be a few things I didn’t catch in this read through that I may catch in the final read through.

Some general questions to ask yourself are (1) Did I convince my reader (2) Did I catch my readers attention? (3) Did I provoke thought? (4) Was I too biased, or not biased enough?

Remember that the deadline is Friday to make corrections and submit the final version.

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