Rubric for your class presentations

For the assignment 2 presentations, here’s the rubric I mentioned in class.

There are five key elements we’re looking for in grading the presentations:

  1. Summary of original article. E.g. Did you give the audience a good sense of what the article is about, where & when it was published?
  2. Identification of key questions/assumptions. E.g. Did you pick out questions that are relevant to the article? Do these cover the important issues?
  3. Analysis of key questions/assumption. E.g. Did you categorize the key questions as questions for science vs. questions for society? Did you explore how we might answer some of them? Did you get some balance between the two types of question?
  4. Reflection on how well the original article covers these questions/assumptions. E.g. Did you provide some overall evaluation of the article? Did your presentation end with some clear conclusions?
  5. Presentation Quality. E.g. use of visuals, clarity, team participation.

Here’s the current schedule:

  • Thursday 8 March
    • 2:10pm Shaida & Andrea “The 11th Hour”
    • 2:30pm Julian & Sabrina “Barbara Kingsolver’s Commencement Speech”
  • Thursday 15 March
    • 2:10pm Fiona Fan & Michael “Could Big Cities lead the fight against climate change?”
    • 2:25pm Harry & Jacky “Pollutants are the key climate fix”
    • 2:40pm Frances & Jennifer “Fact and Fiction on Climate Change”
  • Tuesday 20 March
    • 2:10pm Melissa & Stephenny “The Cost of Capturing CO2”
    • 2:25pm Jessica, Christina & Krista “Greening Canada’s Power Grid”
    • 2:40pm  Shaida & Andrea “The 11th Hour” (repeat performance)
    • 2:55pm Julian & Sabrina “Barbara Kingsolver’s Commencement Speech” (repeat performance)
  • Thursday 22 March
    • 2:10pm Christina & Nathalie “David Suzuki on the Government’s Climate Change Plan”
    • 2:25pm Terry & Ryan “TBD”
    • 2:40pm Cindy & Fiona Fok “China’s City of the Future”

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