This is really last week’s news, but I practice slow science. A new web magazine has launched:

The aim is to cover more in-depth analysis of climate change & sustainability, to get away from the usual false dichotomy between “deniers” and “activists”, and more into the question of what kind of future we’d like, and how we get there. Constructive, science-based discussions are welcome, and will be moderated to ensure the discussion threads are worth reading. The site also features a “best of the blogs” feed, and we’re experimenting with models for open peer-review for the more in-depth articles. And as an experimental collaborative project, there’s an ongoing discussion on how to build a community portal.

I’m proud to serve on the scientific review panel, and delighted that my essay on leverage points has been the main featured article this week.

Go check out the site and join in the discussions!


  1. Do I have to request an invite to become a registered user that may “bypass comment moderation” ?

  2. Hi. The link to “my essay on leverage points” doesn’t seem to be working.

  3. John: Fixed. Thanks for pointing that out. I don’t think we’ve got to grips with archiving older articles on P3 yet.

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