This only runs on Windows, so I’ll have to wait a while for the Mac version before I can try it myself, so maybe in the meantime someone else can play it and tell me what it’s like:

I’m particularly intrigued by the fact that Myles Allen (famous for and the Trillionth Tonne study) was a consultant in the game design. Does this mean it brings on board some of the dynamics in the latest GCMs? The Guardian previewed the beta version of the game back in the fall, but they don’t appear to have actually played it. PC Gamer magazine did play it, and concludes that it really does succeed in it’s goal of making people thinks seriously about the issues.

Hmmm, almost makes me want to borrow a PC to try it…


  1. Hm. From the game blurb: “And you’ve got to solve the crisis.” Isn’t there always a do-nothing option, even if the outcome isn’t good?

    If you don’t want to wait until April, you could try running it in VirtualBox or Wine and hopefully the developer will let you swap over to a Mac version when it’s available. PlayOnMac ( is a nice-ish front-end for Wine on Mac OS.

  2. To run Windows software on a PC, have you tried Wine? . Works fine for me for several Windows apps I have been forced to use. I am not a gamer, but apparently quite a few Windows games work fine on it. Only the most intensively interactive have difficulties.

  3. Thanks for the news of this game… I spent my 10 spot and am eager to dive in. There should be many games of this genre. The more sophisticated the better.

    As more come to market, I hope you could rate, rank and review.

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