I’ve mentioned the Clear Climate Code project before, but it’s time to give them an even bigger shout out, as the project is a great example of of the kind of thing I’m calling for in my grand challenge paper. The project is building an open source community around the data processing software used in climate science. Their showcase project is an open source Python re-implementation of gistemp, and very impressive it is too.

Now they’ve gone one better, and launched the Climate Code Foundation, a non-profit organisation aimed at “improving the public understanding of climate science through the improvement and publication of climate science software”. The idea is for it to become an umbrella body that will nurture many more open source projects, and promote greater openness of the software tools and data used for the science.

I had a long chat with Nick Barnes, one of the founders of CCF, on the train to Exeter last night, and was very impressed with his enthusiasm and energy. He’s actively seeking more participants, more open source projects for the foundation to support, and of course, for funding to keep the work going. I think this could be the start of something beautiful.