Presentation Schedule

Folks – here’s the schedule for your presentations over the next few weeks:

Thursday 10 March

  • 2:10pm Dustin, Jessica — Al Gore’s new thoughts on climate change
  • 2:25pm Lindsay, Mateo — Climate change threatens Europe’s living standards
  • 2:40pm Aron, Kalkidan — Dark Green Doomsayers

Thursday 17 March

  • 2:10pm Adelina, Kamilah — Environmental Racism
  • 2:25pm Amy, Charlotte, Sarah – Losing Our Cool
  • 2:40pm Juliette and Pratheep — Why dire climate warnings boost scepticism

Thursday 24 March

  • 2:10pm Kaitlin, Nicole — Environmental Refugees
  • 2:25pm Michelle, Tony, Frank — Coca-Cola & Sustainability

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