Climate change are expensive(Final Version)

Climate change can be very expensive for Canada as we are still in the hole of the economic crisis. Although Canadian economy is highly dependent on her own natural resource industries, transportation and health systems, but to clean up the mess after taking natural resources and providing free health care is very important to Canada’s economic well-being.

As the temperature rises through out the pass few years. It could hurt Canadian economy in serval ways.Total Canadian GHG Emissions by Economic Sector (2005) For example increase in temperatures will make it difficult to sustain a healthy balance of diverse crops while thinner snow cover could make winter wheat crops vulnerable. Rising ocean on Canada’s West Coast have weaken the fisheries industry. Higher temperature and rising seas can decrease both quality and quantity of valuable species. Forestry and

infrastructure are also was effected by Climate change in Canada. (As it was indicate in“Economy Impact,”David Suzuki   Foundation,

What will happen to canada’s economy when Climate change has such great impact on Canada’s natural resource industries? With factories that sells natural resources or uses naturel resources direct from Canada are providing millions employment, decreasing in revenue can lead canada into bankruptcy and massive job losses.

As the unemployment rate increases, government will have to spare more money due to increase of number of low income families. With the economy already in a bad shape, providing more money to low income families and protect environment will be very expensive. Eventually, this canlead Canada to another rise of income tax.(“Paying the Price: The Economic impact of climate change for canada.”Date Modified: October 26, 2011,

Rise of temperatures can do a lot more damage to Canada’s economy then just the natural resource industries. Poorer air quality resulting from higher temperatures can causes illness and desase. More employers would take working days off for visiting hospital, resulting not only decrease companies revenue but costs millions of dollars to local heath care system, especially in four of Canada’s major cities(Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal and Calgary).

Canada does not need to choose between averting climate change and promoting growth in economy. Looking for solutions to make climate change benefits Canadian economy can make major difference to Canada’s economy. We already see some “green” product in the market today. I believe if more researches and investigates are done between climate change and economy, solutions to benefits Canadian economy are no longer far.

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  1. avatar Alicia says:

    Michael, Good Start. Your arguments seem to follow one another. Don’t forget to include you citations. Because at least once in every paragraph I am left asking you “What, really, says who?” Also link your images within your text and define GHG Emissions.
    Frances has written about the positive side of this issue. Maybe the two of you could have a debate.

    • avatar Michael says:

      Thank you for commenting. I have questions about citation. I have look at serval ways of citation. Which could be the best to use in a blog post. Is there any difference from the citation in an essay because a lot of the information were my thoughts based on some readings and research. Or am i suppose to indicate the information that leads me to my thoughts. Thank you.

  2. avatar FionaFan says:

    Hi Michael
    This is an important and interesting topic, and it’s related to our daily life closely. In the final version you provided the citations, but I think it might be better if you just link the name instead of provide the website directly. Just click on a link is easier than copy the website and paste, also it will seems simpler.
    Also, you are using lots of professional words, which is great~! You introduced this topic in a very simple way so that I’m able to understand it very clearly. Great job~

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