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Climate Change vs. the Classroom

Since 1995, climate change and topical scientific issues have been a part of England’s national curriculum for 5-16 year olds. This past year, however, government curriculum advisor Tom Oates is pushing for a change.  He recently proposed a drastic reduction … Continue reading

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Climate Change and Transportation

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Rising Sea Level Threatens New York City

Big apple New York City stands tall while the dangers of global warming threaten to wash away the fashion capital of the world. Concerns for New York City continue to grow as the city fears the rapidly rising sea levels. … Continue reading

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More Than Just Sea Levels Rising…

When picking a topic for this blog, I considered the multitude of potential topics that could be discussed in relation to Climate Change. The range of issues due to climate change is tremendous and it is difficult to focus on … Continue reading

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Studying the Ozone Depletion in the Arctic

Satellite data show the Antarctic ozone hole as it appeared last fall. (Image courtesy of NASA) Back in the 1980s before climate change dominated our news, Ozone depletion was the main danger to the environment. The Ozone layer that protects … Continue reading

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Facts of Biofuel: We wont be fools to fossil fuel

With the depleting fossil fuel resources, oil production will inevitably reach its maximum and arrive at a state of terminal decline. The threat of ‘peak oil’; a term first proposed by M. King Hubbert, suggest that this irreversible condition will … Continue reading

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The Lungs of the Earth

Rainforests have been described as “the lungs of the earth”. Rainforests cleanse the atmosphere by absorbing carbon dioxide and churning it out as oxygen. In addition to this, they act like giant sponges; soaking up moisture and then releasing it … Continue reading

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Plunder, Eat…Destroy

Jack Mackerel’s are the fish food for our fish food. The well-being of their species is not something most of us are often inclined to think about. After all, they are just fishes are they not? Compared to climate change … Continue reading

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Public Opinion and Climate Change: US and Canada compared

Despite inaction by both Canadian federal and provincial governments on climate change, recent public opinion research conducted by Pr Barry Rabe (University of Michigan), Pr Christopher Borick (Muhlenberg College), and Pr Erick Lachapelle (Université de Montréal) in United States and … Continue reading

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Now you can add avatars to the blog

I’ve added a new feature to the blog that allows you to upload a photo of yourself (an avatar) that will then appear next to each of your comments. To upload your photo, go to your profile page (by clicking … Continue reading

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